Dana's Top Tips for Healthy, Strong and Thick Hair


Recently I found myself exchanging beauty tips with the inspiring Serena Guen of travel and culture magazine Suitcase. She specifically asked me about hair, an area I get asked about a lot and so I decided to share my top tips for healthier and more lustrous hair. As with most things with substance in life, some commitment is required but I promise that the results will make it worth it. 

  • Wash your hair less - I wash my hair once every 6 days - I hate greasy looking hair, and need it to feel clean, but your hair gets used to it over time. By washing your hair less it allows your hair and scalp to do it's natural thing and counteract all the chemicals we put in. I would just add an extra day in between washes to start with, it may be slightly greasier than you'd want for about a month but then it would get used to it. If you are doing a workout in a heated room or are exposed to hot weather then of course it's a different story - you should at no point allow yourself to get stinky hair, that's my rule and no amount of loving the Earth would ever change that! 
  • Eat lots of good cold-pressed fats - Argan oil, olive oil or fish oils will 100% make your hair shiner to say the least. Aim for 2 tablespoons a day, consistently!
  • Sleep more - Lack of sleep contributes to dryer, limper hair. I  notice the difference in my hair after just one bad night's sleep.
  • Consciously dying your hair - I made a decision a few years ago to stop dying my hair, though I understand this won't be appealing to many people. It's more that if you do dye it, you should be actively working on giving it back some love, for example, in the way I describe in my next point.
  • Oil your hair To promote hair growth and allow it to be as strong as it can, you should be oiling your hair at least once a week before washing it. This will make a huge difference in the long run. It's a must to use natural, pure oils, as synthetic products sit on the hair and don't penetrate. For this reason, many of the heavily marketed serums  available will only give short term 'relief' and won't actually improve the condition of the hair but could make it drier over time. Olive oil is great (I used this for years before argan oil). However, it is very greasy so you have to be careful and wash it a few extra times to get it out. Argan oil is perfect as it's not very oily and you can wash your hair as normal without the need for extra washes. Or you could experiment and mix the two together.
  • Go easy with appliances - I never use tongs and straighteners as I feel that they burn the hair, blowdrying is better in my opinion. Also if you want to give your hair a break from heat in general, velcro or foam rollers on almost dry hair get you far! From time to time as part of giving my hair a rest, I like to let my dry hair naturally and when it gets to a damp state, I brush in some sea salt spray along with 2 drops of argan oil, then plait it and leave it to fully dry for a beach hair effect. 
  • Shampoo and Conditioner - I'd been looking for a shampoo I could really recommend for the past 10 years. I'm so grateful that my friend Pier who is a hairdresser recently got me on to the Oi Collection by Davines. It's almost 100% natural (I am yet to find a fully natural shampoo that I believe does the job), smells amazing and the brand itself is committed to sustainability and looking after the environment. 

To conclude, as with most things, a bit of a compromise goes far. For example, rather than saying to yourself you'll never use appliances again, change it up and have a few regular breaks in between uses to then enjoy the end result when you do use them, without getting to the point where the hair is too damaged and causes irreversible consequences.

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