‘Your argan oil elevates the taste of the humblest meal to become exquisite, exotic and delicious… an excellent product that reflects the care taken to produce it.’
- Tom Hunt, The Sustainable Chef
‘I’ve really enjoyed using Arganic Oil, the flavour and quality of the product is fantastic’ - Deliciously Ella
‘Arganic oil and their spin of beauty products are a real game changer. It’s rare to find a company whose ethos and focus on provenance is so transparent, focussed entirely on a deep respect for the suppliers they use and the ingredients they supply to their customers. I use their oil to cook with, as a skin moisturiser and skin healer. Their hair oil has got rid of my split ends and after a month of using has made my hair stronger and shinier. You do not need fancy serums when you have age-old ingredients provided for you. On a personal note, I have interviewed many many entrepreneurs in the past, and it is rare to find someone who lives their brand as much as Dana does and who can talk with as much passion and drive, and respect for the suppliers that have made her name. Seriously impressive stuff.’
- Amy Grier, Cosmopolitan
'Many products come and go through the foodhall at Selfridges. Some meet with great success, for others it’s perhaps not their time yet. One often remembers the product or the fervent supplier. With Arganic it was both. Dana is a fantastic advocate for Argan oil products and its health giving properties. Devoting her time to her products. Whether it be with the fantastic women's group of producers in Morocco or with frontline retailers and customers in independent stores or Foodhalls. Dana's passion for her product shines through and is shared by the consumer. A premium and unique oil that stands out on the shelves in a large market.'
- Mike Britton- ex manager of Selfridges Food Hall
‘We love what Arganic stands for: taste, quality and innovation.’
- Yotam Ottolenghi
'I love the oil and what it does to my drinks.'
- Maxim Schulte, head bartender of The American Bar at The Savoy London
'Best pure Argan oil on the market!'
- Celebrity hair stylist Eduardo Bravo
‘Omg dry hands and argan oil, that works so well!!’ 
- Felicity Spector Journalist.

‘Dana this is amazing!! I use this on my son as well as me’ 
- Nadira Persuad  Make-up Artist.
‘If you love your very-natural-no-fuss kind of skin care, a little bottle of this will go so far in feeding, protecting and hydrating your skin. You can’t really go wrong with this. I would add it to my routine as an extra boost whenever I need extra moisture or nutrients.’ 
- Ingeborg Van Lotingen, Journalist @theogbeautyboss 
'A truly wonderful nutty aroma.  The palate is delightfully delicate - what perfect toasting. The creaminess on the palate is a joy.  The  balance is exemplary.'
Great Taste Award Judges 
'Specific beard oils can be good, but they’re often heavily scented and contain ingredients, that will ultimately dry out those stubbles or burden the skin with excess oils. Instead, opt for the organic and single-origin cosmetic argan oil by Arganic, an oil so light and non-greasy, it’s easily absorbed and won’t make you break out. We actually bathe in the stuff, thanks to the oil’s fantastic anti-ageing benefits and, oh well, you get 100% of the real deal, not just a few droplets in a fancy bottle full of non-essential ingredients'.
Outthere Magazine


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