Cosmetic Argan Oil

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  • 100% Pure
  • Cold Pressed
  • Single Origin

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Arganic and their spin of beauty products are a real game changer...You do not need fancy serums when you have age-old ingredients provided for you... Seriously impressive stuff.

Amy Grier, Cosmopolitan

Cosmetic Benefits

We like to keep things simple. One high-quality product for hair, skin and nails. 100% pure and natural, potent in Vitamin E, our argan oil is a natural and effective treatment for: dry skin, fine lines & wrinkles, stretch marks & scars, eczema & psoriasis, and it conditions and strengthens the hair and nails.


Apply 2-3 drops directly onto the effected areas. For the face, massage in circular movements. For the hair, run through damp tips or apply all over for a weekly hair mask. Safe on babies, for use during pregnancy and for sensitive skin.


We are the only argan oil brand in the UK who names their source on the bottle. Our oil is fully traceable and single origin, so you can be sure that it's 100% pure and not diluted. The proof is in the bottle, try it for yourself and see the effects.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Oil

This is my first time using oils of any kind and was initially hesitent given my oily skin type, However I add 3 drops of this in with my moisturiser and am very happy

Feeling good

I suffer from extremely dry skin and the after using the oil for just a couple of weeks my skin is feeling so much more comfortable.


This is such an amazing product,and has definitely converted me away from other oils!


Cosmetic Argan Oil


I love this product but is there a way of recycling the bottle? Throwing the pippet away seems like a waste

Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your honest feedback. We're glad you love our product :) The glass of the bottle is recyclable and we are actively trying to make the top of our pipet the same. We will soon launch a larger 250ml cosmetic bottle which you can then refill your small bottles with.