100% Pure Organic Cosmetic Argan Oil

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  • 100% Pure
  • Cold Pressed
  • Single Origin

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Arganic and their spin of beauty products are a real game changer...You do not need fancy serums when you have age-old ingredients provided for you... Seriously impressive stuff.

Amy Grier, Cosmopolitan

Cosmetic Benefits

We like to keep things simple. One high-quality product for hair, skin and nails. 100% pure and natural, rich in Vitamin E with cell-rebuilding properties, our argan oil is a natural and effective treatment for: dry skin, fine lines & wrinkles, stretch marks & scars, eczema & psoriasis, and it conditions and strengthens the hair and nails.


Apply 2-3 drops directly onto the effected areas. For the face, massage in circular movements. For the hair, run through damp tips or apply all over for a weekly hair mask. Safe on babies, for use during pregnancy and for sensitive skin.


We are the only argan oil brand in the UK who names their source on the bottle. Our oil is fully traceable and single origin, so you can be sure that it's 100% pure and not diluted. The proof is in the bottle, try it for yourself and see the effects. If it doesn't improve your life we'll give you your money back!

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Elizabeth Venables (Stepney, GB)
Wonderful product highly recommended

Lovely silky oil which rubs in easily and is not sticky or overly oily. One ingredient. Minimal packaging. Can apply on skin and can smooth down hair A gorgeous product.

Not pure arganic oil as the stated at their bottle

I received the oil and it smell like cooking oil and when returning the said oh this time we are refund you as gesture of good wil clearly it shows that next time if i returning they will not refund. avoid this company. you have to get refund even if you return the oil for any reason.

Dear Samira,

So sorry to see that you are still dissatisfied with our service. We asked you to return the oil to us so we could assess if we thought it smelt unusual. We found nothing wrong with the oil and it had the usual mild smell of our high quality 100% organic argan oil. We have sold many bottles of the same batch of this oil and there has been no other negative feedback from customers so we are 100% confident the batch is not compromised. As the bottle was opened by you before you returned it and we found no fault with the product, we were not obliged to make a refund to you. However, as a gesture of goodwill and as this is such a rare occurrence for us - this is the first refund for oil quality we have made in at least 3 years :-)) - we still made the full refund

Sarah Worth (Barnsley, GB)
So easily absorbed

Lovely oil, feels luxurious on my skin and is easily absorbed. It leaves my skin feeling soft and looking healthy and has already cleared a couple of small areas of dry skin within 2 days! I’m also using it on operation scars but they will take longer to show the benefits and it’s early days. It lasts for ages as you only need a little but I will definitely be buying again when I need to!

Hi Sarah,
We are very happy that you like our cosmetic oil. Argan Oil is the perfect remedy for dry skin or hair. Please let us know the results on your scar. Our product helps relieve inflammation and give your skin what it is missing to heal and minimize the appearance of scars.
Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We hope that you continue to enjoy the products and we are proud to have you as our customer and ambassador :)

Ekaterina Makarova (London, GB)
Amazing oil!

Does magic to your hair and skin

Hi Ekaterina
Thank you for your review. Argan Oil is not called liquid gold for nothing right ? Did you know you could also try it on your nails ?
We are very happy that you like our product and are very grateful to count you as our customer and ambassador.
Best wishes :)

Jessica Sanchez (Lincoln, GB)
Arganic oil for hair

What a fantastic products! Years and years of bleaching, straightening, and hair colouring ruined my hair (thick and wavy). I decided to stop all this nonsense and keep my hair as natural as possible. I use Arganic oil as a hair mask once a week and it’s made such a difference. The waves are back and my hair is shinier than ever. I love this product and I will definitely buy it again.

Hi Jessica,
Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We are so happy to hear that our product has helped you on your hair journey. Argan Oil really works wonder on hair and skin. We hope that you continue to enjoy our cosmetic oil and we are proud to have you as our customer and ambassador :)
Best wishes !