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We are Arganic; purveyors of hand-sourced Arabic organic ingredients, with provenance, integrity and ethical farming partnerships at our core.

I’m a proud Londoner born to Iraqi parents, passionate about health and heritage.
My mother who is a doctor was quite a purist, everything had to be made from scratch, and vegetables made up most of the diet to be economical. She would explain the health benefits of the things she would use in our dishes such as pomegranates, walnuts, and lentils. Using the Arabic pantry and flavours meant that fast, simple dishes were delicious and healthy.
Nutritious food meant naturally shiny hair and a glowing complexion, and therefore an uncomplicated beauty regime. I grew up using olive oil in my hair and rosewater on my skin. Once you realise that natural and simple works, there’s no way back.

I fell in love with argan oil, after hearing about it from a family friend. I knew I had to believe in what I was selling, and was determined to do it with integrity, so I spent two years researching and getting to know the local Berber people and farmers before launching Arganic in 2012.

It’s been quite a surreal journey, though a natural one in all senses of the word, never going about business in a forced way. In 2012 at a market, the very first bottle of argan oil I sold happened to be to Tom Dixon, one of my favourite designers. Ten years on and I take it day by day, never for granted. I look forward to the next chapter, where we expand our brand to bring you more carefully crafted Arabic ingredients.


We believe in the gifts of nature, and that in a world of innovation, we mustn't lose the best ancient traditions and timeless classics. By selling pure ingredients we have nothing to hide behind, and take pride in our uncompromised quality.

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