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About Arganic Argan Oil

Where does argan oil come from?

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Argan oil comes from the UNESCO protected argania spinosa tree in South West Morocco. It is one of the rarest and most ancient ingredients in the world and has been used for centuries by the indigenous Berber people of the region.

What are the benefits of argan oil?

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Argan oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, antioxidants and good fats. Included as part of your diet, it is scientifically proven to regulate blood sugar levels, lower bad cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and aid digestion. For optimal health benefits, we recommend taking 1-2 tablespoons a day either directly or enjoy in your meals.

Our cosmetic argan oil also has all of the above qualities and is a natural and effective treatment for dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, eczema & psoriasis and it conditions and strengthens the hair and nails.

How do I know your oil is really organic and authentic?

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Trusted since 2012 and the only argan oil brand in the UK who name their source on the bottle. Arganic cosmetic argan oil is 100% pure, fully traceable single-origin and superior grade. Raw and cold-pressed, certified organic by the Soil Association. 

The details matter. We only use argan fruit from the healthiest soils and unpolluted areas. We don’t work with any middle men and have full control over production. Unlike what is commonplace in the industry, Arganic argan oil is freshly cold-pressed from seeds immediately extracted from the shell, not ones that have been sitting in sacks going stale. (Our culinary oil is lighter in colour than what is typical, because we don’t burn the seeds meaning more benefits preserved). 

You will notice that our argan oil doesn’t leave a greasy residue and sinks in beautifully (as pure argan oil should). Arganic argan oil doesn’t have the unpleasant smell often associated with argan oil. This is because our argan oil is hygienically produced, in particular goats are not involved in the production and our oil is not from several sources mixed together which can lead to rancid oil. 

What is the difference between your Culinary and Cosmetic argan oil?

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Both our culinary and cosmetic oils are 100% pure, unrefined, cold pressed, triple filtered and from a single origin source. The only difference between the 2 oils is that we lightly toast some of the kernels for the culinary oil before cold pressing, in order to bring out the delicate nutty aroma and taste.

The cost difference between the 2 oils is due to the more expensive packaging for the cosmetic oil ( pipette etc) and also some extra administrative costs such as the Soil Association Organic certification etc.

Does your argan oil smell?

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Our cosmetic argan oil does have a smell if you take off the lid and smell it that way but it is a very mild smell.

Cosmetic argan oil should not ever smell nutty - only the culinary argan oil which has been toasted bringing out a nutty smell and flavour. You wouldn't want your cosmetic oil to come from toasted seeds as it reduces the properties. 

There will always be natural variation in the strength of the smell. Harvest is in late summer once a year, oil pressed from fruit straight after harvest has a stronger smell, you will notice a stronger smell in our oil if you try it in September straight after harvest. It's not completely clear why this is the case, but in any case it doesn't affect the properties of the oil. The dry fruit can sit around for years and not affect the quality or properties of the oil (apart from the natural deodorisation) it's only when you peel the fruit and extract the seed from the inner shell that it then needs to be pressed immediately to avoid oxidation. We always press immediately as we control every aspect of production which is rare in the industry.

Because we don't involve goats in the process and because our oil is single origin and not from lots of farms mixed together, it's not contaminated and so is not spoiled or rancid and without a 'farmy' smell which many other argan oils have. Our argan oil has been produced under the strictest hygiene methods.

What colour should argan oil be?

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The colour of argan oil comes from the colour of the seeds when you press them. For the completely raw cosmetic oil it's very light, because the seeds are almost white. Culinary argan oil is darker. The more the seeds have been toasted the darker it is.

How long is the product sitting from the moment it is acquired from the tree - to the time I receive it?

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 Harvest is only once a year, usually in late summer depending on the weather. At this point the argan fruit is collected when it is ripe and therefore already fallen from the tree. It's then left to dry. Once it is dry it is stored in sacks and it can be stored for years theoretically without affecting the quality of the oil in any way. It's only when the seed is extracted that it can get exposed to oxidation.

While most argan oil producers purchase the seeds from the market readily extracted, with no idea how long they have been sitting there, we control every aspect of production ourselves. This means that the seeds are cold pressed immediately after extraction, keeping all the precious benefits intact. We get regular deliveries from our partner farm meaning the oil you receive will be as fresh as possible.

Is your oil virgin / raw / unrefined / purified / mixed with anything else?

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Our argan oil is 100% pure, unrefined, cold pressed, triple filtered and from a single origin source. It is not mixed with anything else.

Is your oil cold pressed?

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Both our culinary and cosmetic oils are 100% pure, unrefined, cold pressed, triple filtered and from a single origin source.

Is your oil organic certified? What are the certification details?

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The farm we source all our oil from in Morocco is Ecocert certified. Additionally, we also have our cosmetic oil organic certified by the Soil Association here in the UK. You can verify our Soil Association certification here on their website.

Where do you source your oil from?

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We are proud to be able to say we are the only UK company to sell a single source argan oil. We work directly with a single organic certified farm in Morocco that supports over 600 local Berber women and their children. You can find out more about our supplier here. Many argan oils on the market are made up of oil that has been sourced from several producers which results in a lack of transparency of the supply chain and also an inferior quality product.

Is your argan oil fair trade?

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Our oil is fairly traded in the sense that we pay the women that work with us above the average for their location, we also provide them with a free creche and classroom for their children, this is attached to the work space, so the mothers can be close by and they can enjoy lunch together. Instead of the women working outside in the sun which is typical, we have created cool indoor spaces for them with plenty of natural night, and we've raised the floor that they work on so that they are closer to eye level should there be any visitors popping in.

It is not certified fair trade - there are several elements that make it too complicated for us to comply, including the fact that many of the women we work with are illiterate because they didn't have the privilege of an education, and so can't read and sign the documents required.

Is argan oil suitable for vegans?

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Yes argan oil is a vegetable oil and our argan oil is 100% pure - nothing is added. Our production methods do not involve any animals and the oil is not tested on animals.

What is the shelf life of your oil?

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We provide between 12 and 18 months shelf life, depending on how close to the production date you are buying.

What is the best way to store argan oil?

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Argan oil should be stored at room temperature. If argan oil gets too cold it can solidify, but this is easly rectified by slowly bringing it back to room temerature again and will not effect the oils properites. Argan oil should never be heated to high temperatures though as this will destroy the natural properties and health benefits. As with all vegetable products, the raw natural state of argan oil is when its nutrients are at an optimum.

Do you supply samples so I can test your products?

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We do not currently supply samples of our oil.

Cosmetic Oil

What can cosmetic argan oil be used for?

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100% pure and natural, this versitile oil is potent in Vitamin E and can be used to; treat dry skin, reduce fine lines, prevent stretch marks, fade scarring, relieve eczema and psoriasis, condition and strengthen hair and nails, reduce and heal acne, condition beard and face with no risk of breakouts, gently but effectively treat cradle cap and rashes on babies.

Does argan oil leave skin greasy?

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No. Argan oil is unique amongst most oils in that it is easily absorbed and non-greasy but leaves skin feeling silky soft. It does not clog pores and so does not cause break outs.

How can I use argan oil as a facial moisturiser?

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Argan oil can be used as a facial moisturiser. Simply massage a few drops into your face and neck for soft skin and a lovely glow. You can also add a drop to your favorite moisturiser before applying. Adding a few drops of argan oil to your face before applying makeup will add an extra dewy finish. How much argan oil you need to use is an individual choice and we would always reccomend experimenting to find what works best for you.

How can I use argan oil as a body moisturiser?

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We would reccomend adding a few drops to your palms and applying to the body while still damp after a shower or bath. Add a few drops of oil directly to very dry areas and massage in as required.

How can I use argan oil as an anti-aging treatment?

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Scientifically proven to be cell-rebuilding, argan oil fills fine lines and leaves skin visably plumper over time. We would reccomend using argan oil as a night oil. Simply apply a few drops to the entire face and neck and gently massage in until mostly absorbed. The oil is also safe to use on the eye area and in fact is a great conditioner for eyelashes and eyebrows. Leave on over night and wash your face as usual in the morning.

Will argan oil cause breakouts?

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No. Argan oil is a light oil which is easily absorbed and actually has anti-pore blocking poriperties, so it should not casue break outs on the skin.

Can argan oil help with acne and problem skin?

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Yes. With its high potency Vitamin E content and non-clogging properties, argan oil can help calm and heal acne without drying out the skin. It can feel counter-intuative to add oil to problem skin, but it is often the case that harsher products which dry out the skin encourage the body to produce more oil in these areas to fight the dryness. We would reccommend cleaning the face with just water and a face cloth to help with exfoliation and circulation before aplying a few drops of the oil.

Can argan oil be used to remove makeup?

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Yes. Lightly massage a few drops into makeup to loosen it before using warm water and a face cloth to gently wipe away.

How can I use argan oil on my nails?

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Argan oil is great for conditioning nails and cuticles. Simply massage a drop into the base of each nail to keep them in tip top condition. We collaborated with our friends at cool London nail salon - Shoreditch Nails - because they swear by our argan oil. Check them out here

How can I use argan oil on my hair?

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For an overnight conditioning treatment, we would normally recommend to rub 3-4 drops in your your palms first before 'coating' the hair and wrapping in a towel. Wash and rinse as normal in the morning.Or you can add a few drops to your usual leave in conditioner. For a dry scalp, massage a few drops into the scalp and leave for an hour before washing hair as usual.

Can argan oil help with hair loss?

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Regular use of argan oil has been scientifically proven to help reduce the effects of hair loss, as the potent amount of Vitamin E increases the production of hair cells, and therefore promotes new hair growth. 

Does argan oil help with dandruff?

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Argan oil can help with dandruff. This is because the oil moisturises dry scalp and the Vitamin E helps with the reproduction of damaged/ dry or flaky skin.  We recommend using the oil on your scalp once a week before washing your hair, however, each individual is different and we recommend you experiment to find what works best for you.

Can I use argan oil on my beard?

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Yes. Argan oil is a great natural multi-tasking product for face and beard as it will condition your beard and moisturise your skin with out clogging pores and causing breakouts.

Is argan oil safe to use during pregnancy?

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Yes. Argan oil is hypo-alergenic and so safe to use during pregnacy. Its potent Vitamin E properites are great for helping to prevent stretch marks by keeping skin soft and supple.

Is argan oil safe for use on babies?

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Yes. Argan oil is hypo-alergenic and safe to use on even the most sensative skin. It is perfect for moisturising skin, baby massage and also really effective at removing cradle cap.

Culinary Oil

Isn’t argan oil for hair/beauty?

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In the Western World argan oil is better known in beauty, but it’s traditionally a food, the main fat in the indigenous Berber people of Morocco’s diet. It’s has a highly nutritious composition and is exceptionally high in Vitamin E, making it effective & lucrative in the beauty industry. Arganic want to preserve this traditional and delicious use. Furthermore, getting your tablespoon a day through your diet absolutely has a significant impact on skin elasticity and hair shine. 

What are the health benefits of culinary argan oil?

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Internally it is known to aid digestion, reduce bad cholesterol, and help regulate blood sugar levels. The high Vitamin E level makes it great for skin & hair from the inside out. 

Is your culinary oil toasted?

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For the culinary oil, we lightly toast some of the seeds before mixing back in with the raw seeds and cold pressing which is what gives our oil it’s delicate nutty flavour whilst maintaining its amazing properties.

What does the culinary oil taste like?

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Flavour comes first - we wouldn’t be selling it otherwise! Our argan oil has a subtle yet distinctive buttery and nutty flavour that amazes the likes of Michelin starred chefs. It’s also won 3 stars and ‘top 50 foods’ in the Great Taste Awards.

Why is your culinary argan oil a lighter colour than others on the market?

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we are the only fully traceable argan oil brand in the UK. Our oil is also lighter in colour than the rest as we don’t burn the seeds before cold-pressing, but simply lightly toast & mix with raw seeds to get the optimal flavour & preserve the precious benefits which would otherwise be compromised. Great for all the health junkies!

Why is it more expensive than a typical olive oil?

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It takes 15 hours & 30kg of fruit to produce 1 litre of argan oil (because of the extensive handwork involved) and Arganic’s argan oil is 100% pure and made with so much love and attention to detail. Since there are no middlemen involved, we are able to provide the best value for money for this purity. We believe that if you are going to be picky about anything you should be picky about the fats you consume and treat yourself to this for your wellness. It’s also around the same price as a good quality bottle of wine which is consumed much faster!

How should I use culinary argan oil?

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You should aim for at least 1 tablespoon a day for optimal health benefits. This can be consumed directly though we prefer enjoying it through food. It should be used in a similar way to a fine olive oil and shouldn’t be heated to high temperatures. 

What are the best ways to enjoy culinary argan oil?

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Here are some of our favorite ideas;

- Dunk some fresh bread into it at any time for a snack or serve before a meal at dinner parties.

- On soups & dips.

- In salad dressings; some favourites are with apple cider vinegar, or with pomegranate molasses and toasted walnuts. It also goes well with ginger & turmeric.

- To finish grains from rice to quinoa to pearl barley, stir in straight after cooking. It also works very well on noodles and pasta.

- The buttery flavour works well as a butter replacement from toast to greens and mashed root veg.

- To finish porridge alongside honey.

- It works very well on eggs, cheese & seafood.


Why is cosmetic argan oil a sustainable choice?

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It’s multi-purpose use makes argan oil is a truly sustainable product and promotes reduced consumption.

Is argan oil produced in a sustainable way?

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Our farming methods are organic and sustainable. By choosing Arganic you are helping to support farmers working tirelessly to do the right thing.

What is your packaging made of?

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All our oil comes in amber glass bottles. This is to maintain the integrity of the oil (no leaching from plastics or changing effects of sunlight etc) and also because it is the most sustainable choice. Our 1L culinary can and our culinary bottle caps are aluminium. The small plastic parts on our cosmetic oil bottles are from rycled plastic but we are continually looking at was to remove all plastic from our packaging. We do not supply our single products in boxed packaging in order to keep our single use paper products to a minimum.


What are your shipping costs and times?

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Please check out our Delivery page here for all shipping times and costs.

Help! I haven't received my order!

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Please email us at so we can assist you.

Company Info

Do you have physical shops?

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We don’t have our own stores, but we are stocked in various stores in the UK as shown on our Stockist Page here.

Other Stuff

Why Arganic argan oil?

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Arganic is the only fully traceable argan oil brand in the UK.  We even name our partner farm on our packaging. Purity is often an issue with argan oil and ours is guaranteed 100% pure. 

Our founder spent 2 years researching argan oil 10 years ago, on a quest to supply the best in the world. This included spending extensive time with locals and even learning the local language.

Our argan oil is lighter in colour compared to others on the market because we don’t burn the seeds when toasting, thus retaining the health benefits and optimal flavour.

We control every aspect of production. This means our seeds are freshly pressed immediately after they leave the shell so that they are not affected by oxidation.

We specialize in argan oil and even get invited to give talks in Morocco on how to test for purity in argan oil.

Arganic is so trusted as a brand globally that even high-end retailers in Morocco, the country of argan oil, are stocking Arganic (a British company).

We exist as a company to give back and share; we don’t put our financials first. 

We don’t work with any middlemen and streamline our production process meaning the customers get value for money.

Our argan oil tastes significantly cleaner, smoother, & better than the rest because of all the above. Often argan oil that is a product of many sources can taste rancid.

Production of our oil supports the local community and this incentivises them to stop cutting down the argan trees. We take this one step further and only employ Berber women to gather the argan fruit and extract the seeds. Most of these women didn’t get the privilege to go to school, this gives them a chance at independence and provides a social environment for them to be a part of.

Our values have remained true and unchanged since we launched Arganic in 2012.

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