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A Middle Eastern Summer Night’s Dream - The Food Edit

Time is something important to Arganic. So important that we created a symbol for it, which makes up one of the 'elements' on our packaging. Not only do we feel that in a world of convenience, the best things take time, we also are mindful that if someone chooses to come to an event we host, it had better be worthy of their time! 

Last Monday we 'officially' celebrated the culinary edit of our recent rebrand. It was great to share something we were proud of and we felt it was a good time to bring together some of the great people who have inspired us and helped us along the way. 

The theme was a Middle Eastern Summer Night's Dream and we were lucky enough to host it on the stunning new rooftop of Second Home. We had Berber & Q, one of our founder's favourite restaurants (along with their sister restaurant Shawarma Bar) treating everyone to some of their infamous hummus bowls. Drinks were Persian inspired made by the very well travelled Michael Isted, founder of The Herball and a trained phytotherapist, a man on a mission to promote and celebrate the many ways in which we can integrate plants and plant preparations to invigorate and enrich our lives. To top it all off we had Frances Quinn, a previous Great British Bake Off winner, delighting everyone with a feasting table that included the most delicious Arabian spiced tiffin, laced with orange zest and blossom and filled with crunchy almonds, walnuts and pistachios. 

We loved the process, from creating our own bunting to shopping for the flowers and decorations. Speaking of which we had our multi talented friend Safia (who is a brilliant Middle Eastern baker & co founder of Cook & Baker) step in last minute to arrange our flowers and help us with the styling. It really did feel like a dream. We'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. 


* Photographs taken by Stefan Jakubowksi, Frances Quinn, Abigail Charlesworth, Safia Shakarchi & Kat Wood * 

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