Culinary Argan Oil

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  • 100% Pure
  • Cold Pressed
  • Single Origin

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Your argan oil elevates the taste of the humblest meal to become exquisite, exotic and delicious… an excellent product that reflects the care taken to produce it.

Tom Hunt, The Sustainable Chef

Health Benefits

A rich source of Vitamin E, antioxidants, and good fats; scientifically proven to regulate blood sugar levels, lower bad cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and aid digestion. For optimal health benefits take 1-2 tablespoons a day either directly or enjoy in your meals.

Flavour Profile

The proven health benefits of our oil are almost secondary to the sophisticated nutty flavour, light aroma and silky texture, for which we have won several awards. Enjoy with a chunk of fresh, juicy bread, in a salad dressing, on porridge mixed with honey, on grilled or steamed vegetables and seafood, and on rice, pasta, and grains.


By being involved in every aspect of production we are able to preserve the health benefits and give you the ultimate in flavour. This also allows us to directly support and benefit over 600 Berber women and their children. It takes 15 hours, 30kg of fruit and a whole lot of love to produce 1 litre of our special oil.

I’ve really enjoyed using Arganic Oil, the flavour and quality of the product is fantastic.

Deliciously Ella

Customer Reviews

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Culinary Argan Oil

Nice nutty smell and taste and a light gold in colour.. Finally think I’ve found the proper stuff!

My Argan Oil

Best oil in the world for salad dressing. Mix with blueberry balsamic for the ultimate taste.

The BEST Argan Oil

Having bought this recently for a specific dish, my wife and I are now hooked.
We seem to be using it in everything! It's a light, nutty oil that adds a wonderful depth to dishes.
Would highly recommend Arganic to anyone.

Dear Guy, thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. We are glad you treasure this discovery as much as we do! Have a lovely day, Dana.

Wonderful! Just try it for yourself! We received a bottle as a gift for Christmas- fabulous taste
I use it now in all my cooking and dressings
Hubby's had a heart attack in mid-December and I was told to lower his cholesterol and his body fat. According to my scales it has gone down dramatically he has been good about his diet since but we really have noticed the benefits from using this amazing oil will never use anything else!

My favourite. This size runs out too quickly though.

My favourite. This size runs out too quickly though.