The Perfect Gift for Someone You Love!

Let’s face it, it’s that time of year where presents are on the mind. We thought we’d make it easy for you by telling you why our ‘Inside-Out Beauty’ set is the perfect gift solution for your girlfriend, brother, mother, bestie, teacher and of course for yourself!
Key Features:


  • £36 for a complete gift solution
  • Contains 1 x 50ml cosmetic argan oil and 1 x 100ml culinary argan oil + information cards.
  • Vegan with no known allergens and suitable for everyone.



    Why it makes for the perfect gift:

    • It’s visually beautiful with an uplifting message on the front. Something very exciting to have in your hand.
    • It’s  useful, good for you, supports a Berber community in Morocco and is good for the planet.
    • The delicious culinary oil makes for shinier hair and plumper skin as well as being good for digestion, the heart and more.
    • The cosmetic oil is pretty much nature’s botox! It works magic on your skin, hair and your whole body in general. 
    • Argan oil is rare and special, this combined with the packaging makes for a  luxurious and original present.

    You can purchase our gift set on our website now


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