Why sustainability is not about being perfect.

Sustainability is not about being perfect, it’s about  bringing more good than bad into the world, and constantly improving. We feel it’s important to share this because the first step towards a better world is being honest about where we are at and what we are working with. 

The modern world and the politics that govern business, the way we farm and more mean that it’s hard work  as conscious consumers or ethically minded businesses to do our bit. We exist amongst an broken system after all, and we have to navigate within that system.

It’s okay to make compromises for the greater good at times, if overall (we like to aim for at least 80% of the time) we are actively living a conscientious life and we are honest to ourselves.  Rather than simply box ticking in relation to the latest green trend (something that is suspiciously easy to do these days)  we need to keep learning, do our own research, be absolutely present in what we are doing and truly believe in it.

And remember, it’s about leaving the world a better place and shouldn’t be a tool to make us look better for our own ego. It’s sometimes the ones that are the quietest that are busy doing the good stuff!


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