Arganic Makes Arab News! How to use argan oil and more.

Thanks so much to Arab News for shining a light on argan oil and a sustainable approach to health and beauty which has been at the core of Arganic since we launched in 2012.

This video interview with our founder Dana Elemara shares a bit about argan oil and how to use it for cosmetic and culinary purposes. 

The full article which you can access here  highlights the benefits of a slow, holistic, sustainable approaches to beauty as is common place in North Africa and’ the Middle East. 

It also shares some of Dana's motivation behind Arganic which includes her Arab English identity struggles!

“I found a gap in the market (and) I understand the Western culture well, because I was born into it. But I also genuinely understand and love the Middle Eastern and North African culture, and I felt like I could do what I do with integrity for that reason, and show the positive and beautiful sides of North Africa and the Middle East that sometimes just get lost in the news.” 

 We hope you enjoy watching and reading!


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