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Argan Oil and Acne- why you should give it a go!

It can be tempting to use harsh products on your face that strip away excess oil from your skin. However, what then tends to happen is that your skin reacts by producing more oil. So it’s a short term fix over a solution and often makes the situation worse.
The good thing about argan oil is that it’s naturally non- greasy- well, as long as it’s legitimate argan oil and your mind can be at peace when using ours! 
Furthermore, an oil is one of the simplest, most natural and unprocessed things you can use on your skin.
Used in the right way on oily, combination and acne prone skin, argan oil can really help your skin to produce less oil and balance everything out. 
We recommend starting with using it on the face at night 2-3 times a week, instead of any other moisturiser (it’s generally fine to use along with your regular moisturiser as a boost, however when first experimenting it’s beneficial to try it alone). You should give it at least 2 weeks to judge how it’s going for you and from there you may decide to use it more often. If you want to stick to the theme of keeping things as simple, mild and natural as possible, it’s nice to do this alongside using rosewater as a refreshing and hydrating toner once or twice a day. 
I have my own personal story, I used to have combination skin around 12 years ago and though I loved our argan oil I was really afraid to put it on my face. It took me about 3 months from discovery to give it a go and it’s absolutely transformed my skin and made it SO low maintenance, now argan oil on the face is my favourite way to enjoy the oil! I even find that it makes my skin clearer and I’m wowed at the effect when I use it after taking a short break!
Everyone’s skin is different, but we have had some amazing feedback from many of our customers (see below). You should definitely give it a go! 

''I’ve tried many oils to help with acne scarring for about 2 years now, and since I purchased this product, I’ve seen such a huge difference. Not only has the scarring decreased significantly but it has left with such a healthy glow. The texture of the oil isn’t greasy at all, in fact it kind of feels like a dry oil once set on the area applied. I’ve never felt so confident with a bare face! Definitely a 5 star rating! Worth every penny! Won’t be dissatisfied!''
''I absolutely love this oil. I have really sensitive skin that tends to both dryness and outbreaks, and this is the best thing I’ve ever found – it works much better for me than other “clean” moisturisers/oil blends for sensitive skin. It sinks in really quickly and isn’t greasy. I also like supporting an ethically-run company. Thanks, Arganic!''
''Try it if you have skin as bad as mine. I naturally have incredibly porous and oily skin so was skeptical to try an oil, but honestly- i have been more than impressed with the results. I've been using it for a little over two weeks and my skin is more even-toned/ my pores have gone down DRAMATICALLY (!!!!) & my skin has a healthy glow to it. this is a dry oil, so when i wake up my skin feels soft and can breathe. Definitely stocking up for Christmas presents - I LOVE this product.''

''Amazing oil - has made a real difference to my skin. Over the past couple of years I developed cystic acne on my cheeks. I tried all sorts of different face washes / creams but have found the perfect combination now - using Face Halos to clean and gently exfoliate my skin (with no product) and then following that with Arganic Cosmetic Oil. I’ve been using the oil since May and have seen great results. The oil is so light and easily absorbed it leaves my skin glowing but not greasy. My skin has settled down now, for whatever reason, but I believe the gentle cleansing and oil process has helped me heal and has definitely helped fade the acne scarring. Couldn’t recommend enough!'

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