Arganic's Latest Wellness Tips. From Fasting to Facial Massage!

One of the best things about working at Arganic (if I’m allowed to say so myself!) is being around people who are laid back yet constantly striving to improve themselves. What comes into this is sharing wellness tips amongst each other.
Not going to lie, being based in London, the recent weather has been testing and we’ve been feeling as though we have to work extra hard for a bit of a perk. I’ve put in a photo of me in Doha (where Arganic will be launching soon) just to make myself feel a bit better!

There are many things Team Arganic put to practice when it comes to feeling and looking our best but here are some of our current favorites.
Yoga at home with Glo
We like Glo because the website is easy to navigate and is not an eye sore! It’s cost effective and perfect if you’ve made your home your sanctuary. It’s practical as you can get a lot of benefit from even doing a 10 minute focused class, such as a good back stretch or pre-running prep. You’d be surprised at how technical some of the instructors can be which is great if you are a beginner. 
Organic Burst Baobab and Maca
While I’m not a fan of supplements generally, I believe in the benefits of maca and baobab which are naturally not very processed in powder form. Baobab in particular is great for giving you a burst of energy and dose of Vitamin C. It tastes a bit like orange and I love it simply in warm water, otherwise I add it to my fruit salads or smoothies. Maca with its more caramel like tone works better added to a smoothie, in cereal or even in your coffee! I met the founders of Organic Burst a few years ago and was impressed with their sourcing and production methods.
Facial Massage
I’ve been swearing by this for a while. It’s a natural way to define your cheekbones, tighten, plump and tone your skin. After all, moving your face helps the natural production of collagen and gets the blood flowing. It’s better done with an oil and jusssst in case you didn’t know already we have the perfect thing right here! My friend Nadira has recently come up with a brilliant book to help beginners which you can purchase here. It’s a bit to swallow initially but then becomes so instinctive. There are few things more empowering than using your own hands to improve your skin and define your face!


Kati, our operations manager, has recently started fasting for 15 hours each day, meaning she stops eating at 6pm. The main thing she has really noticed is increased energy levels and better sleep. I’ve not yet tried this myself but am planning to put it into practice very soon, after all I always feel better when I’ve had an early dinner. 
Hibiscus Infusion
This reminds me of my childhood. Dried hibiscus flowers are widely available. Simply steep in hot water to bring out the rich pomegranate like flavour, add your sweetener of choice (I use honey) then top up with hot or cold water. As Kati says, hot hibiscus infusion carries the nostalgia of hot Ribena! I also love it really chilled, topped with fresh mint leaves and lemon wedges. Sometimes I make a very concentrated infusion, leave it in the fridge and top up with more water as desired, that way you get at least a week’s worth. Hibiscus boasts multiple health benefits, in particular it’s very high in antioxidants. You will likely get cravings for it once you start, the cravings being for the ‘life giving’ antioxidants, which the body can’t get enough of. 


I hope you found this inspiring. 

If you have any health tips you’d like to share, please let us know and we’ll put them to the test!

Love Dana X
*Disclaimer- I am human and therefore I am guilty of lacking consistency with the above practices, but when I do get back into them the results show!


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