Why does Arganic Argan Oil work so well?


I was speaking to an online customer over the phone recently and the topic came up as to why Arganic’s argan oil in particular works so well. I’d like to share some important points which hopefully will prove as food for thought not just in relation to argan oil but for your natural and organic purchases in general.
Argan oil in its composition is remarkable, leading to the proven fact that it is cell rebuilding. This makes it effective in treating dry skin, repairing the hair, plumping and filling fine lines, and so on...
Unfortunately, dilution of argan oil is very common and murky supply chains means that the real stuff often doesn’t reach the end user. Before we launched, 8 years ago, I spent two years researching argan oil, on a mission to bring to market the best in the world. I often give talks educating people on how to tell if their argan oil is pure and I’ll be releasing a video on this soon.  

We have a unique and exclusive partnership with the farm Sidi Yassine in the South West of Morocco. Through them we control every aspect of production and by naming our source we are the only fully traceable argan oil brand in the UK.
 So our argan oil is pure, so far so good right? Well, it’s my next point that is key.



One of the most underrated things in natural beauty is freshness.

Think about it, a product that can’t rely on chemical enhancement relies solely on the potency of the natural ingredients. You wouldn’t get much benefit drinking a fruit juice pressed from stale fruit and it’s the same for oils.

Once the argan seeds leave the shell they get exposed to the elements, oxidise and lose their properties. While it’s the norm to collect readily extracted seeds from the market in sacks to produce argan oil, we do things differently and control every aspect of production.

This means the oil you purchase from our online store comes from seeds which have been pressed immediately after extraction.

So the next time you put our cosmetic argan oil on your face at night and are amazed at how your skin looks the next day, you’ll know why!

If you want to hear more about how to make better natural beauty purchases have a look at my previous article here

 Love Dana X

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