At home spa tips and more; the Arganic love in lockdown lowdown!

Look we know it’s just a day, but our signature argan oil comes from Morocco after all. A place overflowing with roses, it’s romantic without even trying! So perhaps it’s this, or simply lockdown boredom that has got us especially in the mood for Valentines this year. 

Alone this year? Well.. there is no reason not to celebrate yourself and embrace your freedom! In fact we wanted to share some thoughts we had about the difference between being alone and being lonely. Click here to read more. 

Before the day;

Make your lips kissably smooth through the cold weather with this special argan oil based lip polish. Simply mix our argan oil with some brown sugar, even a little cinnamon if you want a bit of (natural) lip plumping action!  Go even more indulgent with the addition of some fragrant vanilla pod, why not you are worth it after all!

Indulge in your lover with an ‘At Home Spa’. Here are our tips;

  • We suggest booking in a time slot or creating your own invite to make it more ‘official’. 
  • How about preparing a special bath for them with relaxing magnesium infused bath salts and essential oils.  We highly recommend these salts and Waleda’s pine bath milk, which smells like you are in the mountains!
  • Treat your loved one to a massage with our rare and luxurious argan oil, after all, touch is such an important way to connect. The best bit is that since ours is 100% pure, it doesn’t leave a greasy residue so you won’t need to rinse it off, in fact you’d definitely want to keep the goodness in. If that sounds a bit overwhelming, what about a simple 10 minute foot, head or hand massage?
  • Prepare a lovely warm infusion or tea for them, alongside some mint infused water and healthy snacks such as a selection of top notch dried fruit & nuts.
  • You can tag some joint activities onto this, such as doing a yoga, quiet reading or meditation session together. 
  • What about ambience? Well, music is so powerful and we’ve prepared this special globally inspired relaxing playlist  on Spotify for you to enjoy. Now all you need is some incense and candles.. 

At Home Spa tips

To cover all bases we thought we’d suggest a non-conventional way to embrace your love too. So here are our ‘Playful Ways to Annoy Your Lover’; (*Disclaimer below)

  • Sing really loudly first thing in the morning. Why not add in some energetic dance moves too?
  • Hide something that is ‘important’ to your partner and watch them search for it! Perhaps a remote control, or a lid..
  • Watch the last episode of their series/read the last chapter of their book and use the threat of spoiler as leverage. Or you could just pretend!
  • Quietly hum in the background while they try to play computer games or work.
  • Tickle their feet while they are in Zoom meetings. 

We’ve tried and tested these out for you, though if you have any suggestions of your own, Team Arganic would love to hear! 

And just in case the above ideas aren’t enough of a recipe for success.. Try this  very simple  and elegant boiled artichoke dish. It’s pretty effortless and the perfect appetiser for you to share on Valentine’s Day. Simply peel away the leaves, dunk the fleshy part into the Arganic dipping sauce and share the heart :) Did we mention that argan oil is a reported aphrodisiac? Well now you know! Find the full recipe here.

 * We apologize in advance if these tips lead to the destruction of your relationship but at least you know that being alone does not necessarily mean lonely ;)

Whether it’s a gift you are looking for or… we hope we left you inspired!



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