New Year New Look!

You know the type who look amazing, even when they're not trying? This is how we feel about our new bottles. Even when they're minding their own business next to a plate of veggies, or in a busy bathroom cabinet, we can’t stop staring!

We’ve got special plans for 2018, as we transform from an argan oil brand to an Arabic organic brand. We’ll be supplying the best ingredients in beauty and food from the Middle East and beyond, with provenance, authenticity, and ethical partnerships at the core. We saw the evolution of our offering as an opportunity to re-assess our brand image and its alignment with our company values and the quality of our product.

Sun, rain, time and land are the elements required to produce our special products. The Berber people of South West Morocco have produced and treasured argan oil for centuries. The new Arganic symbols are inspired by the unique Berber alphabet and symbols related to nature.

cosmetic argan oil

Keep an eye on our journey as we unveil our new products from places afar, and share our carefully thought-out insights and tips. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be updating our website with divine everyday recipes, the science behind argan oil, our beauty tips, a dip into our heritage, and more.

culinary argan oil 

We have always believed in substance before style, though we hope you adore our new look as much as we do.

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