Meet 'The Everything Oil'

Dry January is Over! Here’s how we are celebrating..

Fed up of dry skin, dry hair, chapped lips, central heating and being locked up at home? Enough is enough.. Let us help you quench your thirst!

Meet ‘The Everything Oil’ our signature cosmetic argan oil in a new 250ml sized pump bottle.

We’re so often touched by the heart warming feedback you share with us and in particular, how our cosmetic argan oil has changed your lives, that this next step was a bit of a no brainer. 

From people telling us that their skin has never looked so youthful, how they use it through chemotherapy, to the comments about no stretch marks during pregnancy and the many uses on new born babies. 

We’ve created a way to make it even easier to use in every way you can.

Head to toe, male or female, all ages, our Everything Oil is for everyone. We mean it. It’s hypoallergenic, organic, naturally non-greasy and safe during pregnancy.. 

It’s the kind of thing that you don’t realise you desperately need until you start using it, and then you don’t know how you’ve ever been without it. You’ll want one in every room!

We've got a special offer on for a first time try. Just type in the code ARGANICEVERYTHING for £5 off your first order of the 250ml Everything Oil.

Meanwhile, to remind you why Arganic argan oil is superior to the rest have a read here.

 Arganic cosmetic & culinary argan oil in all sizes.

‘Arganic and their spin of beauty products are a real game changer. It’s rare to find a company whose ethos and focus on provenance is so transparent, focussed entirely on a deep respect for the suppliers they use and the ingredients they supply to their customers. I use their oil to cook with, as a skin moisturiser and skin healer. Their oil has got rid of my split ends and after a month of using has made my hair stronger and shinier. You do not need fancy serums when you have age-old ingredients provided for you. Seriously impressive stuff.’ - Amy Grier, Cosmopolitan


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