We believe that the production of our oil should benefit the local people where the argan trees grow, because it's the right thing to do.

It also incentivises the community to look after the UNESCO protected argan trees better.

Together with our partner farm Sidi Yassine, we take this one step further and only work with local Berber women, many of which have not had access to a formal education and therefore often can't read or write, but whose skill in traditionally producing argan oil is unrivalled. This allows them a chance at independence and a socially accepted way to be out of the kitchen and socialising with other women.

It takes 30 kilos of fruit and 15 hours of hand work to produce one litre of our oil.

We work with over 600 Berber women and make sure that they are paid fairly and directly. We allow them to choose their own working hours so they can work as little or as much as they'd like, and pay them per sack of labour. This informal arrangement helps to combat the issue of illiteracy, as we don't tie them to any contract of employment.

To improve traditional working conditions, ensuring their work space is airy and cool (unlike working under the hot sun which is common practice in the industry).