At the core of Arganic are values and tradition. Arganic work directly with our partner farm Sidi Yassine to ethically produce one of the rarest, natural oils in the world. The UNESCO protected argan tree has existed since the dinosaur era and only grows naturally in the South West of Morocco*. A stubborn tree – cultivators in the last millennium have attempted to plant it around the world to help meet customer demand, but the precious fruit refuses to grow.

Berber women from Sidi Yassine relaxing after a hard days work

Picking the dried argan fruit

Hand peeling the argan fruit

The plains of Sidi Yassine scattered with argan trees

The streets of ... , a local town nearby

The indigenous Berber tribes who live in this region have been cultivating argan oil for centuries, and their traditional skill is unrivalled. Sidi Yassine do things quite differently – they wait for the first fruit to fall off the tree, and leave it out to dry naturally in the sun. Then, the argan fruit is collected and hand-peeled to reveal the kernel, and unlike others, we don't use any goats in our production. The kernel is then cracked against a rock to reveal one precious seed. Each kernel is hand-pressed to extract the liquid gold.

Liquid Gold

Argan oil is known as 'liquid gold' for it's healing properties for both the inside and out. Traditionally, argan oil is fed to new-born babies to aid digestion, and applied on the skin to heal ailments. To learn more about the scientifically proven cosmetic and culinary benefits, please visit the respective pages.